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4 Ways to Improve the Security of Your Garage or Shed

by Samuel Hayes

If you have a garage or shed that you use to store expensive gardening equipment or tools, you may be worried about intruders gaining entry to the building. Because garages and sheds are often located in areas that are out of view and are separate to the main residence, they are particularly vulnerable to attack. Below are four ways you can modify your garage to improve its security.

Install a metal door

If your current garage door is made of wood or aluminium, you should consider upgrading it. An intruder can easily breach a wooden or aluminium door. A security door that is constructed using steel will offer a much greater level of protection.

Install new locks

The standard locks that are supplied with garages and sheds are very basic. Because these locks are so simple, they are easy for a thief to break or pick. You should consider installing new locks on the outbuilding to increase your level of security. You should add a deadbolt lock or heavy-duty padlock to the door. This will help to keep the door secure even if it is attacked with a hammer or crowbar.

Reinforce the windows

If an intruder cannot gain entry through the garage or shed door, they may turn their attention to the windows. A skilled thief can break a window without making much noise and could climb in and out of your storage space in a matter of seconds. You should consider installing metal bars across the windows, as they will prevent anyone from gaining entry if the window is smashed.

Install indoor or outdoor blinds

A thief will usually carry out reconnaissance looking for targets before they return to perform a crime. If you leave tools or equipment on open display, you are making it easier for someone to break and enter. You should think about installing indoor or outdoor blinds to obscure the view of a potential intruder who is scouting out a new target. However, you should be aware that a determined thief may cut or damage outdoor blinds in order to get a look inside of your shed or garage.

If you would like further information about how to improve the security of your garage or shed, contact a security contractor today. They will be able to carry out an inspection of your property and recommend further steps you can take to keep your belongings safe and secure.