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The Benefits of Hiring a Security Guard for Your Retail Space

by Samuel Hayes

Retail business owners should take steps to ensure that their businesses are safe and secure for customers and staff members. One way this can be done is by hiring a security guard to monitor the perimeter of the building as well as its interior.

Protect stock

A guard can deter intruders from gaining access. Having a security officer on duty within the store will make potential thieves think twice before stealing anything because they know they could be caught in the act if they do so. Stolen stock can cost a retail business a great deal of money, so hiring a guard could pay for itself after just a short time.

Reassure staff

By hiring a security guard for your retail business, you will be doing more than simply protecting expensive merchandise and other valuables. A security guard will also help to reassure all staff members that they are safe while they are working. This can lead to higher morale among employees, which results in better customer service levels and stronger sales.

Provide info to customers

Another benefit of employing a security officer is that he or she can act as an additional form of communication with customers who may need assistance finding specific items within the store. They can also provide directions to cars and answer general questions about products or services offered by your business. A guard can also walk vulnerable customers to their cars at night to make sure that they are safe when leaving your store.

Offer an immediate response

Having a security officer on staff also means that you can offer a quick response to any kind of emergency that may occur. A security guard will be able to take immediate action by moving customers away from danger, challenging a shoplifter or making contact with the emergency services. A guard can also help to coordinate the response to an emergency situation.

Lower insurance premiums

Lastly, employing a security officer to safeguard your retail property will have many long-term benefits that can include lower insurance premiums, which could save you a lot of money over the long term.

A security guard brings peace of mind that the building is safe for customers and staff. If you are thinking about hiring a retail store security guard and you need further assistance, please contact a local security company that offers security guards for hire in your area today.