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Choosing the best security doors for your property

by Samuel Hayes

Quite a variety of security doors is available in the market today. Choosing the right kind of security door is essential to protecting your family and your property. Security doors are made of different materials all designed to be strong and durable. You also need to be aware of security doors that have pretty designs but are less burglar deterrent.

Installation and protection standards

You need to find security doors that meet industry standards of quality and efficiency. You can ask the installation company to give you a written guarantee that their installation work complies with these industry standards. Some companies are well known for producing high standard security doors so you can start with these.

Security door frames

Security door frames may be made of either steel or aluminum. Steel doors are often considered more effective as security doors when constructed and installed properly. However, aluminum is less prone to corrosion than steel and will need less maintenance.

A good security door frame has a deep receiver channel for the grille. When the connection between the main part of the frame and the receiver channel is strong, it makes it difficult to push the edge out of the frame. Welded corner joints are usually stronger than internal corner stakes, and these are usually invisible. Reinforced corners are important for better security protection.

Security door infill

The infill may be made of materials such as steel bars, decorative steel motifs, stainless steel mesh, aluminum grille, or aluminum perforated sheets. Steel bars and motifs or grilles are the best security option for security doors but heavy-duty aluminum infill can also be quite secure. Stainless steel mesh infill offers the same design aesthetic as a fly screen but is much more secure.


When choosing security doors, it is important to consider the type of lock installed. Wafer locks are often considered more vulnerable than other types of locks. If you are going to have a key lock, a five-pin cylinder lock or something equivalent is a great choice. A three-point lock is great for preventing the bottom and top of the door from being wrenched open. Choose locks with a long-term warranty as these tend to be more secure.

Fire safety

When it comes to choosing security doors, fire safety should also be a concern factor. You should check how easy it is to escape the house in case of a fire or any other indoor emergency