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Four Practical Tips for Cleaning Your Steel Security Screen Door

by Samuel Hayes

Cleaning your security screen door on a regular basis will ensure the preservation of the appeal of the residential feature. In addition, this maintenance process will prevent the accelerated deterioration of the screen due to the build-up of harmful impurities. If you have installed this type of door, you should follow the manufacturer's guidelines on cleaning for optimal results. Here are general tips to help you understand the standard cleaning process for your steel security door.

Choose Ideal Cleaning Products

Steel doors are susceptible to corrosion when exposed to harsh chemicals. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing a cleaning product for the maintenance of your security screen. Some security door manufacturers have special formulations for cleaning these doors. You should consider purchasing such solutions or looking for similar detergents in the market. For the best result, you should opt for wash and wax products.

Use a Cleaning Glove

You should avoid using a stiff brush when cleaning your security screen door. The hard bristles can harm the protective layer over the metal, and this could result in the accelerated corrosion of your door. Ideally, you should use a cleaning glove with bristles, but you can also purchase a soft bristled brush. When cleaning, you should dilute the soap in warm water. You can spray it on the door and then brush gently, or you can dip the glove in the water and then wipe the mesh.

Rinse the Security Door

You should always rinse the security screen doors after washing with a diluted cleaning solution. Correct rinsing will eliminate the soap residue and prevent the development of unattractive streaks on the surface. Also, this process can get rid of the dust that you might have overlooked when cleaning. You should always use clean water without significant salinity or special washing products to prevent corrosive reactions.

Prevent Impurities Accumulation

Finally, you should create a regular cleaning schedule to prevent the accumulation of harmful impurities on the security screen door. Elements such as moisture and salt often get trapped on the screen and the general parts of the door. If they are allowed to build up, you will notice oxidising or rusting which is characterised by reddish-brown residues. You might also notice a white residue on the steel doors in some regions. By wiping and washing the door, you will prevent these problems.

If you are uncertain about cleaning and maintaining your steel security screen door, you should consult your supplier or manufacturer for guidance.