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How Upgrading Your CCTV System Will Save Your Business Money

by Samuel Hayes

CCTV systems have advanced so much over the last few years and will continue to do so. There is much to enjoy if you upgrade to the latest available options for your CCTV. These benefits make upgrading a worthy investment, and especially for businesses. Here is how upgrading your CCTV system will ensure you avoid spending, or otherwise losing money.

Cut Expenditure on Repair and Maintenance

Older systems are more prone to faults and failures. You will find that you are fixing one thing or the other every so often, and the costs of this regular maintenance can add up over time. Upgrade to a new system, and it will be a while before you have to think about any maintenance or repairs.

Depending on the age of your current CCTV system, you may even have to pay out-of-pocket for repairs or maintenance services. This is the case where the warranty period has already lapsed, or for one reason or the other, the CCTV supplier and installer that provided you with the warranty is no longer in business.

Avoid Losses Due to Poor Video Quality

The resolution on older CCTV cameras may not be as good. The footage from these cameras may be too grainy to identify an intruder, such as a vandal or burglar, or even an employee who may be stealing from your business. Zooming in on the captured footage to identify something may not yield the desired results.

Culprits will become emboldened to come back again if they know that you cannot identify them from your CCTV footage. In addition to the losses in stolen or damaged property, you will not have the evidence you need to identify and file a case against the culprits.

Spend Less on Storage

The older and outdated systems use analog cameras store the recorded footage on DVRs. Unfortunately, DVRs cannot hold much data, and you may be forced to spend money buying multiple DVRs to handle all your data.

Modern CCTV cameras have great compression capabilities. The system can cut any captured footage to up to a quarter of its original size, which effectively reduces your storage needs.

Even if your CCTV system is not outdated from many years ago, you have every reason to upgrade. As outlined, by spending some money on the upgrade, you will be able to save on storage costs and avoid regular repair costs, among other benefits.

To learn more, contact a CCTV supplier near you.