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Are Mesh Security Screens Merely Glorified Insect Screens?

by Samuel Hayes

If you have recently installed a sliding door, your contractors have likely recommended that you install a mesh security screen alongside it to protect your residence from intruders, burglars and other unsavoury individuals. However, as a homeowner, the last thing you want to do is spend an exorbitant amount of money when you do not have to. Therefore, it is unsurprising that once some people see the cost of security mesh careens, they automatically think they can save some bucks by simply installing its cheaper alternative, the insect screen.

But you will be doing a great disservice to your residence. Contrary to popular belief, these screens are not interchangeable. And while on the surface their only difference may seem to be the price tag, there are many more benefits that a mesh security screen offers than its insect screen counterpart does. Before you discount the importance of this inclusion, read on for reasons why mesh security screens are not glorified insect screens.

Superior materials

The first start difference that you will notice between mesh security screens and insect screens is the types of materials utilised for their manufacture. Because insect screens have the primary function of keeping pesky mozzies and other critters from flying into your residence through the windows, you will find that these screens are manufactured from affordable supplies such as polyester mesh.

Mesh security screens, on the other hand, may have a similar profile but are primarily manufactured from robust supplies such as perforated aluminium or woven stainless steel. Thus, the resultant screen is not only functional in keeping pests at bay but it is also strong enough to prevent intruders from cutting through them and breaching your residence via your windows!

Manufacturing regulations

As the name implies, mesh security screens have the primary job of ensuring the windows of your home are safeguarded against breaches. But how do they perform this task better than their insect screen counterparts do? In addition to the aforementioned superior materials employed for their manufacture, you should know that mesh security screens are also designed and manufactured according to Australian regulations.

These regulations do not just outline the aforementioned materials and the various security standards that the mesh screens need to meet but they also highlight different configurations that need to be included in their design, for example, the locking system. If the mesh screen does not adhere to these regulations, it cannot be employed for security applications but instead will be categorised as an insect screen.

To learn more about mesh security screens, reach out to a local security company.