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Four Essential Components to Consider for Your Home Security System

by Samuel Hayes

Advancement in technology has improved lives in various ways. Centuries ago, the only way sure to protect homes was to hire security personnel to keep guard of homes. With technology, your house can be protected without even a single soul roaming around your home. Talk about getting security and privacy with one single shot.  Technology allows you to have all these, but there are essential elements a good security system should have.

The number one priority of any security system should be to save lives. All other components of the system have a direct or indirect effect in helping to save the lives of those within the protected area. Home security systems should encompass four important areas – a control panel, surveillance, intrusion protection, and environmental protection.

Surveillance will enable early detection of danger and call for help. Intrusion protection automatically raises alarm to prevent possible intrusion, protecting you and your family. Environmental protection protects you from such harmful elements such as smoke and carbon monoxide. In addition, a complete home security system should have a wireless panic button. This gadget is essential for elderly people and people with serious medical needs.

Control Panel

This is the main hub of your security system. You can enter passcode to arm or disarm your security system. In addition, the panel communicates with other components ensuring that they work together.


Surveillance is mainly composed of cameras, which can either be wired or wireless. Both of these versions can be concealed, and only you will know where they are located. The cameras monitor movement in or outside your home, and you can get the videos streamed directly to your phone through an app. Varieties of the cameras include those that can tilt, swivel, static and some that have night vision.

Intrusion Protection

Intrusion protection includes gadgets such as motion sensors, enabling you to know if an intruder enters your home. You can also have electric door locks, ensuring your doors are locked even when you are not at home. The system notifies you when the door is opened.

Environmental Protection

Important gadgets of this component include a carbon monoxide detector as well as a smoke detector. The gadgets should be placed outside sleeping areas to detect any rise in levels of this harmful gas. Once a rise is detected, the gadget will sound an alarm. Advanced smoke detectors can also automatically dispatch fire fighters to your home.